Acrylic, canvas, fluorescent rods, resin. 19" x 24".  January, 2022.
A project originally based on a prompt to create art out of everyday objects painted black, LIGHTSHELL is an exploration of the notions of control, concealment, and connection.
Featured in Fordham University's Lipani Gallery (2022).

Faced with my materials, I was inspired to consider how darkness and the color black are often used to conceal, as opposed to how light reveals.
However, I discovered the result of this project is the opposite-- LIGHTSHELL shines in the darkness, as its vibrancy and unique colors burst through the surrounding darkness.
In light, the fluorescent rods become uniform and muted to the human eye.
By painting the rods before activating them, I released any control I had over the final arrangement of the colors. As I warped the rods to activate the internal reaction and fused them together atop the canvas, the shell of acrylic paint flaked away in various areas, revealing to me its endmost state.
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