Paper clay, acrylic, ink. Various dimensions. April, 2022.
MEMORIES OF MANILA is a project that captured what I remember of traditional snacks I experienced during my last trip to the Philippines (2014).
I recreated 3 different snacks, sweets, and foods with no initial visual reference, relying solely on what I remembered of them.

I wanted the focus to be on the basic shapes, since I enjoyed the simplicity of the geometric shapes-- the spheres, rectangular prisms, and pyramids.

I left the base a blank white because it provided a clean contrast to the colors and forms of the foods. I also enjoyed how paper-like it felt, as if I was drawing or recalling from memory. It gave it a sketch-like feel, also seeing how they are a little rough around the edges.

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Calamasi. Acrylic, paper clay. 4" x 3"
Calamansi is a small citrus fruit that is used in many dishes and drinks throughout the Philippines. It is very concentrated and tart, similar to that of a lime.
Yema. Acrylic, paper clay. 2" x 2"
Yema is a condensed milk confectionary that is often given as a gift or token of appreciation. It is often sold by vendors on the streets of Manila. Its flavor profile and consistency is similar to that of a caramel.
Chocnut. Acrylic, ink, paper clay. 2.4" x 3.5"
Chocnut is a peanut-basted sweet that is almost powdery in consistency when bitten into. It is about the size of an eraser, and commonly found throughout households in the Philippines.
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