WALLS is part of a series of ongoing and ever-growing wall collages that I began in 2018, in my first year of university.
WALLS is the physical embodiment of the inner workings of my mind, a home for small mementos-- stickers, photos, artwork, both mine and other’s that I accumulate and collect and arrange from semester to semester. WALLS has made me consider how the smaller parts make up the whole in regards to time and space. 

These compositions question traditional expectations of the boundaries of art. Is art all that is contained in the frame? Or is the art of this the photograph and documentation of its existence in the point in time the image was captured?

With my WALLS, there is never a "final resting state" for the compositions. This project has also prompted me to consider how the elements may have been changed and altered based on certain events happening or not happening at all... (like for example if i were allowed to Stay in my place of residence sophomore year, which was cut short by the beginning of the pandemic... how much more would it have
evolved/shifted/been added to?.... had the pandemic not happened, and what would my collage this year look like had the pandemic not occurred?)

Also in my WALLS series:

My 2020 collages are multimedia as a result of the pandemic.
The displacement I experienced from the pandemic was intensely jarring; my life at university-- something so precious to me, which took so much growth and time to find, was stolen in an instant without warning... I think in a way, my journal entries represent my expression of mourning the pre-pandemic version of myself.
A New WALL budding in my childhood bedroom after I had moved home from university mid-semester.
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